Make a product demo in 1 minute.

Guide users through interactive screenshots. Record once, use everywhere.

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Guide users through all the steps without hassle.

Anyone can create and share a Guideflow demo in minutes.

Customer Support

Easily create step by step demos to educate customers.

Product & Internal Comms

Demo new features or show steps to reproduce a bug.

Software Sales
& Marketing

Show off your product without any account setup.

Web Development Agencies

Demo your work and get client feedback quickly.

How it works

Step 1. Capture

Click through your web app with our Chrome extension. Screenshots and clicked areas are automatically captured.

Step 2. Annotate (optional)

Annotate each screenshot to tell users what's happening at each step.

Step 3. Share

Send a link to your demo or embed into a website. No uploading required!

Help center docs are boring for your users too.

Interactive demos are more effective than screenshots buried in walls of text.

Interactive demos focus attention visually step by step
Annotate where to click so users can follow along
Annotations added automatically when you record a demo

Answer customer questions instantly. Record and share in minutes.

Snappier than a GIF, screenshare, or video call.

Share immediately without waiting for file upload
Users step through at their own pace
Share as a link or embed into a website. No coding required!

High quality, perfectly aligned screenshots.

2x higher resolution vs. conventional screenshots

Easily add annotations to screenshots
Share as a link or embed into a website
Where you click is automatically marked for users to follow

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Free Forever

For individuals who want to create interactive demos

  • Record up to 50 demos
  • Share links or embed anywhere
  • Edit and annotate screenshots
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For SaaS businesses
(coming soon)

$10user / mo
  • Unlimited demos
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Private and password protected
  • Collect emails from demo users
  • Analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our Chrome extension takes high quality screenshots of a Chrome tab while you use it. Every click will save a screenshot, and where you clicked is automatically highlighted so users can easily follow along. When you're finished, Guideflow will stitch these together to form a demo that users can click through themselves.

Does it work with mobile apps?

Unfortunately, no. Guideflow is built for websites viewed on the Chrome browser on desktop.

Do users need the Chrome extension to view demos?

No, you only need the Chrome extension if you want to record demos. Once a demo has been created, you can share it with anyone.

How do I share demos?

Every demo can be shared with a link or embedded into another webpage.

Does it work on all websites?

It works on all websites (with a few exceptions such as the Chrome Extension Gallery). You can take screenshots of any website, even those you don't own.

I have a feature suggestion / question.

We love feature suggestions! Please email with any questions or feature requests.